1. Interview - Whatever happened to Sarah Jane Smith
Elisabeth talks frankly about the character of Sarah Jane Smith which she played in the BBC's TV series Doctor Who. She discusses what she thinks Sarah's been up to since she left the Doctor in 'Hand of Fear' in 1976

2. Anne 1 - 'Out Tonight' by Mark J. Thompson
Anne prepares for her first night out in ages and reflects on the chain of events leading to her present predicament. Includes one jar of mango chutney and a twisted verruca sock. Performed by Elisabeth Sladen

3. Peek Into Private 1
Elisabeth explains the background to six personal black & white photos from her private life. These can be seen on the back tray

4. 'The Virgin'
A short poem by Sadie Miller, Lis' daughter

5. Interview with Sadie Miller
Sadie talks bout the pieces she has written which feature, and of her hopes for the future

6. 'Was Wenn' by Sadie Miller
Nazi's dominate the land, in present day England - relive a typical moment of fear and liberation for the resistance. Narrated by Elisabeth Sladen. Music by Paul Maynard

7. Anne 2 - 'On-Line'
From her new ground floor flat, Anne recounts the trials and tribulations of hooking up to the internet, involves one part time clown, and an obese lady with 22 piercings. Performed by Elisabeth Sladen

8. Peek Into Private 2
Elisabeth talks about a delightful poem which was written for her back in 1978

9. CD Background
Elisabeth and Mark talk about the Actor Speaks series and how they came to decide upon the form and content of this CD

10. Soldiers of Love advert - Narrated by Elisabeth Sladen
A brief introduction to MJTV's other audio CD series - An exciting original comedy sci-fi drama programme


Duration - 75 Minutes


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