Gallery of Actors

MJTV uses a variety of highly experienced actors, who are recognisable from high profile British television.

'Not only does the inclusion of these well-known performers reiterate the high standard of MJTV work to all clients and audiences, but without a doubt, the years of quality experience the actors themselves bring to any production, make both the filming process a professional joy and the finished project of top rate standard.'


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Noted under each actor's name is one of many broadcast parts they are known for

Sandra Maitland
'Mandy Jordache' - Brookside
Patricia Weston Written Off ECC 1998
Linda Parents In Partnership Video D ECC 1997

Sylvester McCoy
7th Doctor - Dr. Who
The Dominie Only Human BBV 1999
Edward Parfitt Ghostlands MJTV 1996

Annie Miles
'Maria' - Family Affairs & 'Sue Sullivan' - Brookside
Karnavos Ghostlands MJTV 1996

Peter Miles
Various - Dr. Who / Blake's 7 / Colditz
Guard Security Video BSB 2003
Robin Scoops Possessions Six Foot High Films Ltd. 2001
Mr. Reise Travelwise ECC 2000
Landerchild An Actor Speaks MJTV 2004  

Mark Monero
'Steve' - Eastenders
The Hermit Ghostlands MJTV 1996

Julie Mullins
'Julie' - Neighbours
Connie On Speaking Terms ECC 1997
Judgement Ghostlands MJTV 1996

Richard Norton
'Shane' - Brookside
Harry On Speaking Terms ECC 1997

Jacqueline Pearce
'Servalan' - Blake's Seven
Jacqueline Pearce An Actor Speaks MJTV 2003
Manager Security Video BSB 2003
Jill Challenging Behaviour BVS 2003
Madame Deephole Soldiers Of Love MJTV 1999 - 2003
Voice-over West Stow Promo West Stow 2000
Barbara Giller Written Off ECC 1998
Mrs Travis Parents In Partnership Video B ECC 1997
Charlotte Elliott Ghostlands MJTV 1996

Jo Phillips-Lane
Bread / Brookside / Soldier Soldier
Boss Security Video BSB 2003
Reg's Daughter Challenging Behaviour BVS 2002
Madame Ouvre Possessions Six Foot High Films Ltd. 2001
Lyn School Meals Service ECC 1999
Samantha Elliott Only Human BBV 1999
Presenter Circle Of Friends ECC 1999
Presenter Literacy Hour ECC 1999
Presenter Baseline Assessment ECC 1999
Mrs. Langley Written Off ECC 1998
Sue the E.P. Parents In Partnership Video C & Video D ECC 1997
Presenter Managing For Quality ECC 1997
Jocasta Carry On At The Co-op Coventry Co-op 1997
The Agent Ghostlands MJTV 1996

John Pickard
2point 4 children
Presenter Out Of Site ECC 2000

Elizabeth Sladen
'Sarah-Jane Smith' - Dr. Who
Elizabeth Sladen Actor Speaks 2 MJTV 2002

Sarah Sutton
'Nyssa' - Dr. Who
Sharon Travelwise ECC 2000
Colonel Franklyn Soldiers Of Love MJTV 1999 - 2002

Gareth Thomas
'Blake' - Blake's Seven
Inspector Sabworth Possessions Six Foot High Films Ltd. 2001
Gareth Thomas Actor Speaks 1 MJTV 2000
Aaran / Hywel / ANET Soldiers Of Love MJTV 1999 - 2003

Matthew Waterhouse
Tom Parfitt Ghostlands MJTV 1996

Debbie Watling
'Victoria' - Dr. Who
Lady Winkworth Possessions Six Foot High Films Ltd. 2001
Mrs. Pearson Out Of Site ECC 2000

Sammie Winmill
'Carol' - The Tomorrow People
Carer Challenging Behaviour BVS 2002
Cindy Rellar Soldiers Of Love MJTV 1999
Vixxy Only Human BBV 1999
Customer Harwich International Port ECC 1999
Customer Millennium Blinds 1998
EWO Parents In Partnership Video E ECC 1997
Mentor Providing Induction ECC 1997
Lillian Chamberlain Ghostlands MJTV 1996


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