A Brand new original feature film written, directed and produced by Mark J Thompson, for Six Foot High Films Ltd. in Manchester!

Running at 2 hours 12 minutes, this comedy whodunnit with a supernatural edge boasts a wealth of talent!


  • A tongue-in-cheek documentary about Fanny Gapp
  • A Blair Witch pastiche segment set on camcorder
  • A bizarre pair of investigators - a nun and a brothel madame

There's six suspects each with a terrible tale to tell, murder is most definitely in mind.
What has grisly deeds have occurred in Fanny's farmhouse...
And how does 'that' alien fit into it all!


Anna Karen listens about Jocasta's dodgy wardrobe
Debbie Watling, Gareth Thomas, Peter Dean, Judith Jacob, Peter Miles, Derek Howard, Suzy Cave
The six wait to be probed by the theatrical Sabworth


Mark Thompson and Michelle Curtis
From l to r: Derek Howard as Major Terrance Gapp, Suzanne Cave as Prudence Titchmarsh, Peter Miles as Robin Scoops, Debbie Watling as Lady Winkworth, Peter Dean as Farmer Brownlow, Judith Jacob as Professor Fibusgola.
So, Whodunnit?

Anna Karen, Peter Dean, Bryan Lawrence & Jo Philips-lane
Gareth Thomas as 'Sabworth'
Nothing like a nice couple of tarts in your hand
Just who is this man and why was he really at the murder scene…
Judith Jacob & Peter Dean
The delicious Suzy Cave as Prudence Titchmarsh
'As I said to my Dennis, that Nobby Parkham is a carpet fitter, that's what he meant by promising me a decent shag in the bedroom'

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