Possessions, more pictures



Anna Karen listens about Jocasta's dodgy wardrobe
Anna Karen as Fanny Gapp and
Debbie Watling as Lady Winkworth.
Why has Lady Winkworth really got to sell up?
And who's been fingering her anaconda?


Mark Thompson and Michelle Curtis
Heather Paige as Sister Conceptre,
Jo Phillips-Lane as Madame Ouvre
Investigators with a difference...
Ouvre: 'Remember how we solved the riddle of Jimmy Bareback and the midgets of doom'
Sister: 'God protect us! I'll never eat coleslaw again!'

Anna Karen, Peter Dean, Bryan Lawrence & Jo Philips-lane
Peter Dean as Farmer Horace Brownlow
Just look at the girth on that!
Judith Jacob & Peter Dean
Steven Degattis as The Alien…
'Show us what you've got then'
And what does it mean by P-Day?

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