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Anna Karen listens about Jocasta's dodgy wardrobe
From left to right: Ken Lodge as Clinton Cummings, Anna Karen as Fanny Gapp, Peter Miles as Robin Scoops, Mark J Thompson as The documentary presenter.
'Come with me, the path is glee, leading to money, money, money!'


Mark Thompson and Michelle Curtis
Some of the cast and crew of Possessions. Recorded in February 2001 in Essex. From l to r: Derek Howard, Suzanne Cave, Emma Lemay (Directors assistant), Peter Miles, Peter Curtis (Camera and on line-editor), Mark J Thompson (Writer, director and producer), Debbie Watling, Peter Dean and Judith Jacob

Anna Karen, Peter Dean, Bryan Lawrence & Jo Philips-lane
Judith Jacob and Suzy Cave as Fibusgola and Pru.
'The stench of death is already building up'
'Er, no, sorry that was me - I had broccoli earlier'
Judith Jacob & Peter Dean
Gary Hailes as 'Jim from the gym'
Steven Degattis as 'Alan the alien'
What is in the globe that drives the alien and how (and what) does Jim 'fit in' - as they say…

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