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Essex County Council Learning Services (1)
Educational Drama

Receiving commendation from the Department of Education, this hard hitting 65 minute 3 part drama shows the reasons and effects behind non-attendance in three different schools.

Educational Welfare Officer Barbara Giller (Jacqueline Pearce) investigates why three pupils have not been attending to discover that all is far from well in their homes….

Featured on Anglia News

Also starring Keith Chegwin, Jo Philips-Lane, Judith Jacob, Nicholas Courtney, Ross Davison, Sandra Maitland

Jacqueline Pearce & Sandra Maitland
Jacqueline Pearce & Sandra Maitland
'Where is Katie?'

Judith Jacob & Jacqueline Pearce Judith Jacob & Jacqueline Pearce
'She's absent again….there's something going on'

Cheggars being evil
Keith Chegwin as abusive Bradley
'Come on give us a cuddle…….'

Ross Davison & Jacqueline Pearce
Ross Davison & Jacqueline Pearce
'Please don't give up on your son's education'
Jacqueline Pearce and Nicholas Courtney
Jacqueline Pearce and Nicholas Courtney as Barbara and Ian
'His form teacher Miss Shaw says he's late again'

Katie crying
15 year old Katie Fielding ends up in a squat and no one knows